Sunday, June 27, 2010


Mia- June 22, 2010

It is just it is.

None of us human are born perfectly. But we shall never regret for everything has happen and it just happens. We all must have been through an ordeal differently, or get the same tragedy as long as we breathe. They just never stop and never beckons down as these tragedies will drown us to suffer pain and anger. It all seems so hopeless as we have no real control to that, as though life has no meaning anymore. Then there's the feeling of giving up, surrendering, exhaustion to the realization of waking up to the same events every morning and sleep through the same nightmares every night. Every time we go through the hardest part of life as for losing people, we'll ask a question that'll be unanswered. Why should we live if we'll be dead in the end? What's the point? What? Then when the feeling of butterfly-tickling love supposed to grow, instead the angst, ugly hate invented it self alone inside from the core of our heart. From all the solitary moment, the regret, the madness, the illogical preference of all that happen in our life makes us blind, turns us into a heartless man. Then there's another questions unanswered. Why had this happen? What did I do wrong? Why? Perhaps love is beautiful and loneliness is tragical. Whilst hate is ugly and pain is lovely. Then again, what about those times where we are suddenly happy and we forget how it feels to be sad? Even for that one moment in a day. Why do we always remembered the harsh, sadness memories whilst setting aside those happiest, warming memories? Stupid as it is, it is life. It's controlled by how we take things, how we act into each and every events, how we responded to one at a time. Fair or not, it's life. Is it not? Questions unanswered, love and hate, pain and anger, sadness and happiness, memories and moments, loneliness and friendliness. Such a perfect harmony so long gone just because of a single unfair events. Peaceful is gone. War to come. When a baby's born, so helpless and weak. Crying and screaming of the children, frightening and fearing. The cut and slash of the men, guns and pistols shooting of armies. Helpless women running, silence that continued to be deafening. The elders, handicapped people get all the discrimination. Heartless people laughter as loud as anything else, above everything else. Teenagers turn homeless, parents becoming ignorance. Stealing, fighting, slapping, stabbing, slaughtering, killing. Customs and beliefs becoming arguments, debated over the news, and such beautiful things can turn into an anger in the community and raised yet another democracy. Useless. Religions, supposed to be respected to each other, becomes one of the reason why stupid, useless, illogical war happened these days. Oh dear. As if it is all a daily basic affair. What a world. What a world, and what have we become? Funny thinking there's only about less than five percent of the world's population that honestly want to think about peacefulness in this era. If it's not too late that is. Does all this hopes, wishes and prayers enough? But then, as long as we're alive, breathing, we just can't give up. We just never give up. Hoping for the impossible, dreaming for the horrible. Because it's life.

It is just it is.

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