Saturday, June 26, 2010

Perfect Dream of Mine.

Written by : Mia Insomnia. November 29, 2009.

Could it be,
When I asked the twilight stars,
And when I start to feel,
The language of the silences.

Woke me up who was walking by,
In the hopeless vacuum,
Silent, stunned, stammered,
All are just in doubts.

I and all,
Who were wounded because of us.

I was lost in the dark night,
After all I was drifted in the cold air,
Let me asked to the twilight stars again,
About the meaning of our wordless ship,
In the perfect dream of mine.

I and all,
Who were wounded because of us,
Because of us.

The World and Us.

Written by : Mia Insomnia. November 29, 2009.

For a moment,
Dear friends please try to understand,
The meaning of all this,
Too many tears of sadness grieve our fallen,
Maybe this is a reminder for us human,
Which has changed its nature and forget about the power.

All this is not going to stop if arrogance is still held,
If miracles are neglected,
Actually, a friend was prostrate before them in vain,
That's the best .. for our lives.

After all,
Maybe this is a reminder of all human,
That has changed its nature and forget about the power.

All this is not going to stop if arrogance is still reigning,
If miracles neglected,
Prostrate comrades immediately my friends,
before all we did becoming futile, wasted,
The best .. that was the best.

Life is like a book,
Open and clearly visible,
Finding the light like a stray.

That's the best,
That is the best,
For out life.

A Ship Of A True Friend.

Written by : Mia Insomnia. November 26, 2009.

Never in her life had she expected to abide such a friend like Alexander, whom she described as a true-blue, kind-hearted and loving to every friends he had. Tania didn't know what he'd describe her, but she was sure he knew her well by now and that they had been through a lot during the last memorable, precious three years. She saw him munching his usual Corntos, looking attractive and as self-composed as usual.

"You know it's rude to stare, Tania," he said while still munching, a lop-sided grinned shown on his face. For me, he never failed to make people smiled altogether with his sly personality.

"I'm not staring, Mr. Handsome. Just checking," Tania chuckled as she joined him sitting on the long bench under the tree at their college's park ground. The summer sun was shining directly at them and hundreds other students who were gathering around the park for their lunch.

Tania still found it hard to believe that it was their last day. Tomorrow by the early sunrise, they'd graduate and be holding their own certificates. She didn't know what would happen in the future and she was afraid to find out about their friendship. He offered her the snack and being sticky, she hesitated to pick one.

"Tania! It's not poisoned godforsaken!" Alexander laughed loudly as she pouted and took three of the delicious snack sticks altogether. Defensive, she looked away, acting sulky.

"Hey," he nudged her on the ribs, "having problems are we?" As she suspected, Alexander turned his attention entirely to her, though he still munched.

"No." Stalling, Tania shook her head and grabbed the whole pack of Corntos from his hand, turning away again.

"Lies," he hissed, sulking now. Not wanting to pick an argument, Tania sighed enviously and turned her head to face him. 'Losing as always, am I?' she thought weakly.

"Don't laugh, but I'm being honest here, Alex..." she hesitated, biting her lips and fighting the tears emerging on the shallow of her eyes.

"Tell me then, bubbly face," he pushed, elbowing her again. Blushing, Tania bravely stared at him in the eye.

"So as our senior year comes to an end. I want to say, thanks for being a true friend," she whispered, almost whimpering.

He saw the glistening tears prickled down her soften cheeks. As usual, at once Alexander felt pity and sadness overwhelmed his heart as he saw her crying softly, sobbing and sniffing as she sat there, hands down and head lowered. Being a guy, and growing, he found it was hard to cry easily except probably in occasion where he'd lose his mother. But now, unbelievably, he felt as if his eyes couldn't contain no longer now, and that his heart wanted to burst in a second if he didn't outburst what he felt now.

"God! Is this a crying day or what?" Ferdie, a famous redhead, skaters and basketball player of the college passed by them laughing insensitively. Alexander gave him a warning look as Tania tried to control her sniffing.

"Mind your business, mate," harshly, he signaled him to just go away. Ferdie laughed again while putting both his palms up, resigning.

"Alright, alright hero. I'll go now. Oh and Tania?" he called, spoke up after Tania snapped her head up at him, "don't weep again now, a hero's beside you," he laughed loudly and cheerfully walked away leaving them behind. Alexander found his rage burning and as he wanted to follow him up, he felt Tania's smooth hand on his arms.

"Be it," she said softly, still as usual, telling him not to start a fight that he usually did. Sighing, he slumped down back on the bench but this time, he moved closer to Tania. She looked so pale and sad it was heart-wrenching.

"Tania?" he called her softly, holding her fingers, "whose quote is that?"

"Rochelle Blue," she whispered, still head down. He smiled, found that Tania would never changed her obsession for poetry. He was sure she'd been checking all the resources for every poems she could get to find the suitable line to tell him today. He doubt if he'd be able to do that, and her line was so touching that he wanted to sweep her off the floor now and high into the air.

"That is so lovely, Tania," he smiled again, this time making sure Tania was looking at him. Her eyes glittered with awe as he pulled her in a tight, protective embrace.

"You want to know a secret?" he said in a secretive voice.

She nodded, too stunned to say a word.

"Well," he started, caressing her soft hair, "I always thought that best friend kind of thing was girl's stuff, you know. I always thought that I'd never had a true friend and that everyone else before you, those boys and girls around me were just... friends. Not best friend, no true friend. Like there was no such thing in my life before. But... as you came into my life, you were the one who taught me about friendship. I was lost before you came, Tania. But you came, and you pulled me up to the correct pathways. Promised you, our ship will stay strong even though the waves are moving wrong," he kissed the top of her hair as he felt her sobbing uncontrollably. He knew she knew he meant it, and they knew together that they wouldn't lose their best friendship ever. Whatever goes in between them.


Written by Mia Insomnia - November 26, 2009.

"Do you think we'd survive our relationship, Evan?" he heard Lena's soft, melodious voice asking him close to his right ear. Eventually, noticing her fear and painful breathing, he wrapped his arms tighter around her waist, letting her lean on his tough, muscular chest.

"Of course we will," without knowing he was either assuring himself or her, he let the summer night wind to blow his hopeful words away. As they sat against the exuberant tall trees under the moonlight, he rest his chin on her head smelling her powerful feminine scents. Unlike the rest of the nights, the Greenstone Park wasn't as crowded as it used to be. He saw only few walking couples, who didn't seem to mind them, having their romantic scene on the famous site. Lena then picked a nearby twig and moved her head to peer at her dreaming boyfriend.

"A penny for your thoughts?" she whispered, trying to give him his favorite smile.

"I thought that was old-fashioned stuff," he let out a low chuckle and kissed the tip of her nose. When he saw her pouting, he laughed harder. Remembering that she was three years younger than him, he noticed how innocent she was, how vulnerable she was.

"Well..." she said, "two pennies for you then, Mr. Smarty," she mumbled and turned to the tree's trunk and started to scribble some unintelligible words on it. Evan didn't stop his laughs immediately but slowly turned it into an envious sigh as he finally saw what she was writing.

"I'll make it free for you," his grinned was half-hearted, "Us. I'm thinking about us, Lena," he read the words she scribbled on the trunk.

"Look here," Lena pulled his sleeves and made him turned to the tree, "I had wrote your name there, now I want you to write mine beside it," obviously not listening to whatever Evan had said, she was lost into the idea of hers to write their love-life name on the brown, thick trunk. Evan made a face and scratch his head.

"But sweetheart, you missed an 'N' on my name there. You wrote E-V-A and no 'N'," without waiting, Evan began to finish his incomplete precious name. But as quick as the speed of sound, Lena slapped his hands away. The thin, one-pieced twig fell and he let out a single gasped.

Sighing heavily, she rubbed her boyfriend's front hand softly before speaking, realizing he was shocked and that she was overacting.

"I want our name to be put together, Evan," she whispered again, softer than ever. Her voice seemed to chill him more than the night's cold breeze.

"Tell me something I could understand then, honey," he cupped her face between his palms and kissed her forehead. As always, Lena's heart beat unevenly whenever he gave her some romantic action. Not that she didn't like it, but she wasn't used to it; shy was her nature. He ignored her redden cheeks, and kept planting kisses on her face.

"EvaLena," she said simply, with a determined voice and a shaky lips, she said the words she always dreamed about. According to her working senses, she realized that Evan had stopped kissing her now, but was looking at her with awe and amazement in his blue, sky eyes.

"What did you say, my love?" he whispered hoarsely. Feeling like he was flying in the air, so glorious to know that his one and only love was actually thinking about him all this time. And eventually even invented a divine, enchanting and unbreakable name for the two of them. He felt like he was about to collapse when she didn't say the words once more.

"EvaLena," she repeated, "I want you and me to be together, forever and always, Evan. I want to live my life with you, and the rest of it only with you. There isn't much I can give you, my soul, but take whatever is in me. My life, my love, my breath... Everything I have, I give it for you. You and only you, Evan," without meaning to, a single tear trickled down her soft, blooming cheeks. And faster than a struck of lightning, the others began to follow like a waterfall. Evan saw it, as his undivided attention was only for Lena. Without hesitating, he cradled her in his strong, protective arms. A feeling of love and more had just conquered him and he didn't want it to let go, he let it flow inside Lena's small, delicate body.

"My love, my heart... Be mine and be mine for ever, EvaLena," he said in an awed whispers. She heard it clearly and knowing that he loved the words, she came to a conscious feeling of relieved. How she hoped so much for Evan to love the precious nickname she made for them.

As they parted away from the tight, lovely embraced, Lena took the twig back and gave it to Evan with a sincere smile. He replied her without hesitation and kissed her lips shortly. She blushed away but still staring at him in the eye.

"L-E-N-A," he spoke the divided letters slowly as he drew their name on the tree trunk. From that night on, the exuberant tree in Greenstone Park was the only trees that they loved and shared with. As if understanding, they didn't find anyone trying to sit or camp at their memorable, precious site. With love and blooming feeling, the tall, posh tree was their spectator of their love story, EvaLena.