Sunday, July 25, 2010


Mia - 25th July 2010 -

Without me realizing it...

I fell in love for the countless time again. When our gazes unified on one target of view to the clear, blue sky, painting every bright smile, sprinkling color full of rainbows, spreading the unreadable reasons of life. And I know I was born for you, whilst you sculpt a beautiful world, beyond every little watercolors, knowing that you were my guiding light, the pair of eyes for me to see the right path. There was no more darkness, as you shine the night bright, like angels being adorned in holy and love. As we all knew, in this gifted and miraculous life, nothing was perfect. Black and white was always there accompanying us in every step we took, every words we said, every movement we made. I would say an oath to die for you, my dear. As I owe you my life. There would be no other substitution, of my love for you, neither the huge land nor the deep sea. Because I would just unite them, and sat down on my knees whilst bowing my head down, as I spoke my most affectionate love for you, and spread my hands out to present you how much you have my heart.

Without me realizing it...

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