Sunday, July 25, 2010

Back up to life.

Mia - 25th July 2010 -

You found me when I was as fragile as an old, cracking glass, marooned silenced on the empty street, abandoned like an invisible dust. The sun didn't seem to be able to illuminate anymore sunshine for the crying, broken heart.

You found me when I stumbled down the folded grasses, crashed quietly into the full bushes, hidden perfectly as I was coated with red, dried blood showing no mercy towards my painful suffering. It was true, the sun no longer seemed to be able to illuminate anymore bright light to the darkening, blackness of the lonely heart.

The wound was too long to be there, pasted permanently into my heart, like an invisible scar unable to be washed away, became my most loyal friend throughout the rest of the journey of my life. But you have caught me, Gave me those vanished loves, gave me back my losing senses, so that I could turn my face to you, to give my heart for you and sworn my life for you.

There was nothing I could do, to shake my head while our eyes locked into each other, when you touched me, gave me the tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach, and kissed me your breath while our hands grasped each other tightly, and gave me the meaning of my life back into the reality.

Somehow in the dark, you turn on a candle light to shine the heart, who had died for such a long time, you gave spirit towards the broken, flying soul, and woke it up from all the hallucination of eerie nightmares.

You woke me back up into life. My precious life...

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