Sunday, July 25, 2010


Mia - 21st July 2010 -

Drinks the blood greedily, eats the heart voraciously, drains the antibody completely and more over, kills the organs softly. Pulls the innocent soul of an unconscious person out into the cold air slowly. The job of an invisible evil, yet active and sickly rapid. Even the name brings the most awkward and disheartening atmosphere when being spoken out loud. Can easily stops the heart beat for a dead second whilst the aura of the chills last. Simply twists the mind of a stranger in grasping fright and give fears to the conscious just with the single, passing noun.

Leaves the helpless person motionless, untangled on the bed of white sheet and arms full with wired of liquid tubes and horrible chemicals. Skins as pale as a ghostly girl floating on the grave waiting for the moonlight to shine her. Chest keeps moving to the rhythm of the breathing, but everything else inside and outside of the body is dying. They say it's just for a little while, whilst waiting for it to escape from the sleeping soul and awakens the person back to the loud, adventurous reality. Temporarily dead. Squared-room filled with deafening silence and the beeping heartbeat and rating on the modern technology's screen. The journey of a heart who's about to continue or to end.

But this noun - this evil - is not the single, fine line between the miraculous life and the sentenced death. Therefore the helpless soul is actually not afraid of it. Of the deafening threats and blinding, invisible job. He and she has only known it, new and an unwilling stranger, not a true or real friend. It is just a hallucination from an unwanted dream. It's just too strong that it succeed in dragging and pulling the soul into the blackness of the ugly dark. Seeding the sharp, endless fear inside a pure heart, and deadly, firing scenes inside a beautiful mind. Almost like an apocalypse, conquering whilst the poor, two feet are lost in fighting the battlefield. The best persuader in the world when it comes to crushing an innocent life. Best persuader, strong hallucinations. But truth to be told, it is just not powerful enough.

When the innocent soul is lying there not moving, all the loving, caring and passionate ones are loyal to the end. They shed their precious tears out, shut their natural eyes and fold their hands together to perform a prayer, whispering words of awakening and full spirit, shining the brightest light towards the darkness, and even sleep their heads on the bed full of white, scary sheet. Their painful cries, forcing smiles, sincere prayers and honest words are the most powerful strength in this world. It's powerful enough to pull the soul back into the bright light and the reality of sweetness and bitterness. Feeling all the pain of the loved ones while laying there unattached is enough to wake one without any loud surprise.

All the love in the world is struggling to find it's real place back when everyone suddenly connect together to pray for each other. The link and the bond is the strongest connection. Whilst the reality is returning, somehow there is consequences. It's to be told that when this kind of situation happen, it actually depends on the soul to take the decision and to make the right choice. After all, what makes a man a man? It's not the choices he had, it's the decision that he makes, it's not how he start things, but it's how he end things. In the end, honesty wins whilst fallibility losses. The loyal ones stands straight with even stronger power as the evil is about to hide itself in shame and a life full of sin. And victory is right there at that moment when the innocent soul finally wakes up from the temporary dead.


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